Choice of Monitored Dosage System (MDS)
You have the freedom to use the best MDS system for your Care Home and that’s why we give you a choice of systems. The Nomad Concise and Biodose Systems are both recognized systems used in numerous Care Homes and our Care Homes

Nomad Concise System
This system is based around a 28 day unit dose blister that is available in different sizes to cope with most types of medications. Medication can be checked using easily Concise and it’s easier to remove discounted medication. The system comes with a range of accessories such as dividers, reminder cards and loops that fit into medication trolleys.

Biodose System
This is the only system capable of dealing with solid oral and liquid medicines, with a patient pack containing a 28-pod tray. The tray and pods are clearly labelled and can be opened easily, however once opened, they cannot be released, providing extra security and accountability. The pods can be used to take oral solids and liquids, without the need for medicine cups. The system has built in Biocote protection to help protect MRSA. The Biodose system includes patented pod & tray dispensers, sealers, alarmed cabinets and trolleys.

Medication Administration Records (MAR) Charts
We supply computer generate MAR charts for each individual care home resident. They include detailed colour printing, images of medication to enable easy identification and we additional safety measures for high risk drugs.

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Free Loan Equipment Provided

To ensure all regulatory inspections are passed and legislation is met, we provide you a support package free of charge.The Package Includes;

  • Homely remedies starter pack
  • Fax machine
  • Tablet device for staff training
  • Medicines fridge
  • MAR chart folders
  • Digital fridge thermometers with alarms
  • CD Den kits
  • Templates and registers
  • Digital infra-red ear themometers
  • Medicine trolleys
  • Waste medicines diposal


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